Blackjack Casino Playing Experience

Blackjack Casino Playing Experience

Blackjack Casino Playing Experience – Casino is one of the online gambling games that is now increasingly known and played by people. I am a passionate blackjack player and have played in many online casinos. It’s great to see online casinos trying to emulate real life blackjack card games. This is not what I consider the most important. Online games allow me to play from the comfort of my home and have flexibility and speed that you won’t find in a brick and mortar casino.

I only play blackjack, and not other games like craps or slots. Noble Casino was recommended to me by a friend. Even though they are a relatively new casino (I believe they opened in 2009), they are very professional. My friend referred me and I received a special referral bonus which I can immediately use at the Blackjack table.

My first Blackjack game at Noble Casino didn’t go as planned. I wasn’t familiar with Noble Casino’s interface and mis-clicked a few times, which cost me a few bucks. Within minutes, I got comfortable with Noble Casino and started liking the software. Easy to use and all buttons are clearly visible. Once I got used to the software, I decided to test my luck at the higher limit blackjack tables.

It’s easy to navigate the limits from the lobby and I found myself at a $10 blackjack table. My computer kept displaying the message I needed to back up my data, which I decided to snooze for an hour. Before the dealer could start dealing cards, I had to re-place my first bet at Noble Casino. My first hand starts with an eight and a three. That’s a great start! I want to hit blackjack as soon as the dealer hits the ace as well. Even though I had a nine on my third card, I still felt a little insecure. He slowly turned his card over to the dealer, and it was a five. He decided to automatically hit another card, this one being an eight. On my first hand I made a $10 profit and that is something I really enjoy.

I played for three hours straight at the Noble Casino blackjack table. It was very interesting, and I still managed to make a slight profit over the $500 I deposited in my bank account the next day.

Noble Casino gives me the excitement that a casino has to offer. The interface is clear and well designed. It exceeded all my expectations. I received an email from Noble Casino a few weeks later, offering me a reload bonus for getting back to the blackjack table. That’s a great way to treat customers!…